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Car Interior

One of the most important things that needs to be done with a windshield replacement on automobiles today is proper and accurate calibration of the forward facing camera. Do you know if your new car has a camera in the windshield? Most do, the adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning system, active brake assist and even accident avoidance are all part of the camera in your windshield. "It's True" Your windshield is one of the most important safety features in your automobile so its very important that a replacement windshield is installed to the highest standard and accurately recalibrated. At Coach Custom Glass your safety and your family's safety are our top priority. We only use state of the art materials and recalibration equipment that exceed the industry standards for safe auto glass installation. 

Automotive Design Studio

AUTEL Recalibration equipment

At Coach Custom Glass we have partnered with the industry leader in automobile calibration technology to provide our customers with most accurate and reliable recalibration in the industry. 

Precision Target alignment

With our advanced technology in camera guided target alignment we can calibrate your froward facing camera to the tightest tolerance in the industry.

Auto Virtual Reality
Auto Hologram

Up to Date software and technology

Not only does Coach Custom Glass have the latest in recalibration technology. The system is constantly monitored and updated to todays software making it the best choice in the industry.

OBD2 scan tools

Our scan equipment is a very important part of our recalibration equipment. It is a full scan tool and can scan your vehicle for any problem. We can print out a report for you to take to your mechanic or if you would like an un bias second opinion. We can communicate with all the newest automotive computers on the market.   

Car Mechanic with Tablet

AUTEL Certified technicians

All of our recalibration experts are certified by the AUTEL training Academy

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